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The Iams Company Animal Study Policy

Animal Study Policy We at Iams want pets to have the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible as they grow up with their families. We know that Iams nutrition makes a real difference because we hear it from the thousands of pet owners who send us their stories. The dogs and cats in our studies help us know that the foods we create truly improve the health and well-being of millions of cats and dogs. We love and appreciate the dogs and cats who help us in our work to make pets' lives better. We make sure they are happy and healthy with plenty of playtime and attention for their entire lives. To that end, respected animal welfare organizations helped us develop this policy.

Why we do animal feeding studies:

We have an ethical responsibility to assure our products are safe and wholesome by feeding them to dogs and cats.

We fully support the internationally accepted principles of the 3 Rs: replacement of animal studies with non-animal alternatives, reduction in the numbers of animals involved in studies and the refinement of methods to enhance animal welfare. We involve animals only if there is no valid non-animal option and are actively researching alternative methods.

Our studies are designed to help veterinarians and pet owners worldwide enhance the well-being of cats and dogs or manage important pet health conditions. Our findings are shared globally to benefit others who are seeking to improve the health and well being of cats and dogs and to help prevent repetition of tests requiring animals.

What kinds of studies we do and where we do them:

We do not fund studies that require the loss of life of cats or dogs. We only conduct dog and cat studies that are the veterinary equivalent of nutritional or medical studies acceptable on people, including: urine, feces, blood and immune cell analysis, allergy tests, and skin and muscle biopsies.

Effective November 1, 2006, we conduct studies in just three kinds of locations: pet owners' homes, our Pet Health & Nutrition Center and locations where dogs and cats are already living (e.g. assistance dog organizations, kennels, etc). We test our foods with healthy pet cats or dogs in their homes or with pets who already have specific diseases or conditions.

We conduct studies with species other than dogs and cats when no validated alternative is available. Our work is consistent with Procter & Gamble's policy and practices, following all applicable regulations and guidelines.

How we conduct our studies:

All of the dogs and cats in our feeding programs who are not already private pets remain in our program, are adopted into private homes or are placed in our retirement center.

We ensure the humane treatment of all species and provide for their well being, socialization and husbandry in a manner compatible with the company's philosophy. We assure the highest possible standards of care by having an Animal Welfare Specialist and Veterinarian looking after the dogs and cats in our studies. We are committed to exceeding standards established by US and European legislation and guidelines.

Our studies are monitored by our own staff and independent experts with the goal being to create enriched environments for the cats and dogs. If there is the potential for pain or distress, we do whatever we can to prevent or eliminate it.

We do not fund any activities outside our company that may be inconsistent with our Policy. We do not use, in any studies, cats or dogs who are already induced with disease or surgically altered through other research; nor does the company conduct such studies under the auspices of any industry association or group.

Comments from others:

The Kennel Club (UK)/Crufts
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
The Animal Medical Center (AMC)
The American Kennel Club (AKC)
Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)
National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

In addition, we invite you to read some verbatim comments from Iams customers about how our research has changed the lives of their four-footed family members.

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The dogs and cats pictured on this site are participating in Iams feeding studies or are former study pets who have been adopted by employees.

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